Tobias Looker

Tobias obtained a Bachelors of Engineering in Mechatronics in 2015 and a Masters of Engineering in 2016. He entered the Medical Devices and Technologies Group in 2015, during his final year of undergraduate study. His final year project centred on the continued development of a wrist exoskeleton, developing a gamification interface to allow users to play games whilst conducting physical therapy. In 2016, Tobias remained with the group to pursue his Masters degree.
His Masters research focused on the development of a wearable wireless motion capture and passive rehabilitation system. The project involved complete design and development of the system, validation of its accuracy and experimentation around using vibrotactile actutators as a means of real-time motion feedback for rehabilitation purposes.
Tobias has continued his involvement with the research group as a Research Assistant, heading the hardware and software development of a new wearable rehabilitation device and its accompanying software platform.